Emergency procedures

Fire Safety

Our Hotel is a newly built building with materials and furnishing from the latest generation, which provide reliable protection and security. As we are very responsive to the safety of our tourists and staff, we have taken extremely serious precautions to prevent any fire accidents.

All staff have passed fire training and have been acquainting with Fire Procedures in the hotel;

There is a fire evacuation plan on the back of each guestroom door as well as in the public areas. Please read them carefully.

There are available fire extinguishers within easy reach of premises;

All stairways and corridors are separated from the remainder of the Hotel with materials having at least 60 minutes of fire resistance.

If you detect fire or smoke, please dial Reception. Tell the Receptionist:

➤  The nature of the emergency

➤  The floor and room number

➤  The extent of the fire and any other requested information

➤  Do not hang up the phone until instructed to do so by the Receptionist.

Natural Disasters – Earthquake, Flood, Severe Weather

In the event of natural disaster:

Remain calm and follow the staff instructions. Do not run or panic. Stay where you are. Most injuries happen when people are entering or leaving buildings.

In case of earthquake take cover. If you are inside, get under a heavy desk or table, against an inside wall or under an inside doorway. Stay away from glass, windows, and outside doors. If you are outside, move away from buildings, sidewalks and electric wires.

Use the stairs; do not use the elevators. Hotel staff will check all exits for safety. You may then leave the building if that is the appropriate action.

In case of an earthquake don’t use candles, matches or open flames. Gas lines may have been damaged and a flame could cause explosions or fires.

Let rescuers know you are safe. If you leave your room or leave the building, be sure the Hotel staff knows where you are.